Subdivide smallest faces

So how to subdivide only smallest faces and make all faces about the same size? That would come in handy when sculpting.

The problem is that if you subdivide only the smallest faces, you end up with some really bad triangles at the edge of the area you have subdivided.

Actually in 2.5 you can lower you resolution to 1 in multires then go into edit mode and subdivide whatever you want. As I said though you must be careful about not creating horrible triangles on the edges or you will end up with a mess.

As a rule I generally try to make sure my mesh is fairly equal to begin with.

I ment: subdivide only the largest faces. Not smallest.

Your faces should flow from big to small gradually.
And again, subdividing some faces will just create a mess of triangles.

In sculpt mode there’s a way to hide portions of the mesh, so you can increase the resolution, without having unneccesary parts slowing down the computer.
It’s somewhere in the manuel.
I’m not feeling well, so I hope you dont mind looking for it.

When I start sculpting a cude, I subdivide it a couple times. Then I sculpt it. And when I need more vertices, I subdivide the entire cude. So the person’s flat forehead has as many vertices as his nose and mouth. Selecting areas by hand and subdividing makes it un-symmetric.

So did you try hiding parts of the mesh while sculpting?
Do you have X-symetry on?
I don’t know if you read the link I posted, but just test this out?

"Hiding and Revealing Mesh in Sculpt Mode

To hide a part of a mesh, Shift Ctrl LMB -drag around the part you want to keep - everything else will be hidden.
Or Shift Ctrl RMB -drag to hide only the selected rectangle.
To reveal all hidden parts, just hit Alt H
Or click and release Shift Ctrl LMB ."