Subdivide & Special menue... (Mac)

I’ve just watched a tutorial to design a football where the guy supdivided a basic sphere ones, ending up from1 to 9 divisions each side, when I try to do the same I end up with 3, with another subdivision I end up with 15! How do I manage to get 9 divisions?? Has that to do with probably a newer version then in the turorial? Or that I’m using a Mac version? Same with opening the “Special” menue, he pressed shift-W, that does soemthing on my Mac, but certainly not opening the Special menue. I’m confused…

W is the specials menu, and subdivide multi allows you to get some strange subdivision levels.

Specials Menu is just W and only in Edit mode. The division was probably done with K-LoopCut (or Ctrl-R) and then scroll the mousewheel and see the number of divisions at left of the 3D window header.


That’s it, thanks a million!