Subdivide Tool vs Loop Cut and Slide Tool

Could anyone tell me whether the “loop cut and slide tool” is only there for convenience or not? Because I noticed that you can do a “select edge ring” followed by a “subdivide” to achieve what “loop cut” does (I tried to illustrate the equivalence of these operations in the image below). In fact, if you’re doing a loop cut with more than a single purple line (i.e. # of cuts > 1) you can’t slide it either. Are there any situations where “loop cut” proves to be more powerful? Or is which tool to use just a matter of preference? I’m just a beginner and any insights would be appreciated.

Loop cut is better because you don’t need to select anything to add a loop cut. Besides, it will be a “real” loop cut. You can subdivide a bunch for edges without actually creating a new loop cut.

Use which ever method works best for the task at hand. I use crt+r for loop cut a lot more thant subdivide. And now with double “g” it makes sliding a loop a lot quicker.

I didn’t know about the double “g” shortcut, thanks place57!!! I guess I learn something new everyday!

Thank you all for comments and tips.