Subdivide won't work Blender 2.82

Hello everyone, I have begun my first model: a spaceship. I am following a tutorial and am at a point where I have to subdivide a face. That face has an inset faces. Then I need to subdivide it. When I click the subdivide I get the popup menu which appears in the lower left but nothing happens. I am including the screenshot as well as the .blend file. Can someone please point a rookie like me in the right direction? What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Spacceship model.blend (762.2 KB)

First - the model looks good!

Somehow you have gotten a bunch of extra vertices along the edges of the highlighted face. In edit mode, if you switch to Vertex Select mode (press the 1 key), you can see them (see image).

You also have an edge loop which does not go all the way around the model. This will create issues as well.

I would suggest deleting the inset face, and the faces around it, then join the orphan verts to complete the edge loop before proceeding. Then add in the missing faces and redo the inset. To join two vertices, select them and press the J key.

I noticed that you have other edge loops that end at a face creating an N-gon (a face with >4 sides). Some people model this way, so it may not be an issue, but it will affect modifiers like Bevel or Subdivsion Surface if you use them.

Lastly, you appear to be missing a couple faces on the inner side of the forward projections.

Good morning mate

Thanks for taking the time to review my work. OK I will follow your instructions in order to correct my mistakes. Cheers!


I ended up sentencing myself to restarting the model due to my errors. That issue didn’t repeat itself but I do have a few other minor ones which I won’t waste to much time in figuring out as they are mostly esthetic. Carrying on with my very first model. Cheers