Subdividing a plane parallel to its diagonals. Need help

I need help in subdividing a plane and the lines should be parallel to the diagonals. I want the faces to be all quads except for tris at the corners and edges of the plane. Plz help. Something like this:

Hey, Welcome to BA :smile: Take and subdivide your plane (this is 10) > select all and ‘Poke Faces’ its in the face menu or just search it > select one of the original horizontal / vertical edges (Edge select) > in the select menu choose ‘same direction’ then dissolve edges > do this to the other perpendicular edges and there you have it.


As @ajcdfin details,

or if you’d like an alternative . . .


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thank you. this really helped me. :smile: :smile:

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Forgot to Welcome you to BA, welcome :smiley: