Subdividing and animation

  1. When I subdivide two vertices on a quad and a new vertex is created on the edge linking them, is there any way to stop this vertex forming edges with the unselected vertices of the quad?

  2. Is it possible to create small avi clips with Blender?
    Do you use keyframing to do it or does that just allow you to render the individual frames as images?

2> Yes, set the output type to AVI raw, make the keyframes (<- and -> buttons change frame), set the output location and hit Animate.

Unfortunately, Blender uses only polygons with either 3 faces or 4 ; when you add a 5th point to a quad something must be done, usually creating some tris hence the new edges… can’t be avoided otherwise than by carefully planning one’s model or erasing the faces in that region, subdividing to get tris or quads as and where we want them and skinning the resulting skeleton of new edges.