Subdividing and Normals question

I’m doing a mod for a game where i’m switching out some low poly objects for higher poly ones, but i’ve run into one problem, some of my models doesnt render properly in the distance. The model is lit up instead of shaded and some models seems to have missing Faces, but this is only occuring in the distance.

I’m guessing this has to do with the normals, could it be something else?

I did a simple test. I took a properly working model (shaded in the distance etc) and subdivided it 1 time. This breaks (/resets) something on the model, since now the model has the same rendering problem that some of my own models has, the object is now lit up until i get close to it.

I’ve tried recalculating Normals, it doesn’t help. What else could a simple subdivision reset, materials or something else that is needed for the lightning to work properly? Any idea of something i can do except recalculating the normals?

The game is Gothic2, a really old DirectX8.1 game, it doesnt even use normal maps. It uses the Kerrax .3ds format for meshes.

I just can’t figure out why some models works great and some are “broken”, but i’m also not very familiar with normals (other than i know it’s a good idea to recalculate them).

Any help would be great, spent the whole day trying to figure this out. Thanks.

is your mesh intersecting itself? this can create problems when recalculating normals. if that is the case, recalculate them section by section, seperating them in space if necessary.

I’m experimenting on a really simple model to get to the bottom of the problem. It’s low poly mushroom, with a cap and a stem that are separate. I’ve recalculated the normals on each part. This mesh renders great, but subdividing it just 1 time (both stem and cap) creates the problem i’m speaking of. Here’s a .blend of the non-working version:

A browser based video game popped up when I clicked on your download link. I highly reccomend the forum based attachment feature, which accepts .blend files.

Wow, that’s really odd, doesnt happen here. I’ve attached the .blend.


shroom.blend (346 KB)

When i open first attached file i see textured mushroom in all textured modes in 3dview, not in rendered image. That is without textures, just assigned dark green material. Saved texture on hd. When i switch to edit mode with cap, uv unwrap is way out of uv image. Stem is more or less ok, at least on related part of image.
Even if i move cap’s uv’s to where they need to be, render stays without texture. I had to delete material and assign new to get it rendered correctly.
Subdividing mesh did not change anything, all normals are ok, does not have any impact on 3dview or render look either.

Same happens with mkultra’s attached file.

Might be something to do with blender versions, yours is 2.49, 2.63.2 here.

I’m begining to think the exporter (to Kerrax 3ds) is the problem, it does something to the mesh sometimes and the rendering is somehow corrupted because of this. There’s a newer exporter, but for Blender 2.60 so i will try that one… havent gotten around learning blender 2.60, but i guess it’s time.

it probably only happens to me, because I disabled my pop-up blocker after it started causing problems.