Subdividing Edges and Texture distortion

Hi everyone,

I am trying to cut a face at a certain position using python script.

• I start off with a face and a separate line at the position the face shall be cut.

• I then subdivide the faces edges and move the new vertex to the position of the according vertex of the line
• I repeat with the second vertex of the line
• I do it this way, since there seems to be no way to subdivide the edge AT the right position (bmesh’s subdivide_edges and the “edge_percents” Attribute are not working yet, at least thats what I get as an Error when trying)
• But moving the new vertex does of course not move its Coordinates in Texture Space, thus the texture is distorted

Three Questions:

a) Is there an easy way to make texture coordinates in texture space “move along” with vertex coordinates?
b) Is there maybe a way to cut the face with the line I have at the cutting position?
c) Can I subdivide an edge using bmesh or mesh operators at a certain position?

Or ist there maybe another way to intersect a face at a certain position using python?

Help is much appreciated!


You could look into the bisect operator. Or possibly the knife project tool.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Ill let you know how it goes, although right now I might go for the Boolean Modifier … I would have preferred BMesh for the operations since it’s much faster, but there seems to be no (easy) way to do this.