Subdividing faces divides edges instead

Hi all,

I’m running into a few problems with some very basic modeling attempts. I’m trying to understand why Blender is not acting the way I would expect it to.

I’m modeling a house and so far have used nothing more than loop cuts. However, I’m running into these problems:

  1. When I try to subdivide a face (to get 4 smaller faces), I get subdivided edges, instead of faces, for some faces but not others.

  2. Just in doing loop cuts, I sometimes get duplicate edges and faces that overlap, but removing all doubles won’t correct this. Why is this and how do I prevent it?

  3. How do you approach doing a loop cut on a part of the geometry that won’t highlight with the loop cut (after pressing CTRL + R)?


EDIT: Ja12 beat me on the finish line…

The first problem is that you have too many faces in this area. Hide the roof, delete the “ceiling” which appears. Go to Edge mode, select the top edge of the face you want to subdivide and pull. You’ll see better the mess you have to clean.

Next, subdividing doesn’t work as expected because this face is an Ngon i.e. with more than 4 vertices. And so are the 2 faces on each side of this face. Select any of them and check the number of vertices in the top menu bar.

Now, the question is if you want to keep on using Ngons or not. They are supposed to make architectural building easier… but not everybody agrees… Especially when faced with the extra work needed to subdivide faces.

If you prefer to be able to easily add loopcuts, you must delete all the faces of the 1st floor (a.k.a. 2nd floor in some countries) and extrude it from the top of the ground floor (a.k.a. 1st floor in some countries) BUT in Edge mode or Vertex mode, NOT in Face mode. After that’s you’ll have to redo the roof too. (Don’t forget that you hid it.) :wink:

Thank you JA12 and Kaluura!

Your explanations make sense. I didn’t realize I had created an Ngon. And for the loop cuts, the knife tool does work well. I can just make a straight knife cut, select the edge and move it around as if it were a loop cut.

Thank you