subdividing just ONE face?

How can I subdivide only one face? cut it width and height wise down the center without it affecting any surrounding faces. I have been using loop cut but that can be unpredictable and add extra polys in area that you don’t need them. I tried W key then subdivide but it always cuts the surrounding faces up in 2 or 3 triangles. Help someone? thanks

You can select one face, by selecting either 4 verts/edges/ or 1 one face.
But the other face will be affected, because blender doesn’t support N-Gons (more then 4 sides, right now. -It’s in development)
So when your subidiving, you also subdividing the edge of another face. Thats why the surrounding faces are being affected.

So do you have a solution or should I continue to do loop cut?

select the face, press W>>subdivide.
figure out what to do with the triangles.

Thats very helpful spacetug (Can you sense the sarcasm dripping from this post?)

The ONLY possible way to subdivide a face without affecting the other faces around it would be to rip the face from the model and then subdivide. Even with n-gon support it is still affected just hidden.
Consider the logic in your question and you should realize its impossible.

BTW Spacetug is correct.

So what are you modelling ?
If its flat, and if your no tusing subsurf, then you could just ignore the triangles.

Geez. A lot of naysayers on this post.

You could select the face, then extrude the face but don’t move it (e key followed by esc key.) Next, scale the face down a hair. Now your face is subdivided and all faces stay as quads. Repeat as many times as you need to get the right amount of subdivision.

This might not work in all situations but at least I’m offering a suggestion instead of just telling you there’s no way like previous forum members did, no offense to them. :slight_smile: