Subdividing mesh horizontally


So I am trying to subdivide a mesh, but I don’t want it to get subdivided vertically. I have tried to see if Loop cut and slide works but it seems like my mesh/model is too complicated for that. Therefore, I want to know if it’s possible to subdivide only horizontally in some way???

There is no subdivide horizontally button whatever thet means

Ctrl+R Loop Cut
Select Edges and Subdivide

Most appropriate solution depends on the mesh you are trying to subdivide but we have no clue in your case !

Use Knife Project Cut Through option

If you take a look at my image you will see that i can’t loop cut and slide horizontally on the whole object. It only wants to take a little bit at a time, which is not at all what I want to do. Do you think there is an option to loop cut and slide around the whole object at once?

You should have to be able to use loopcut by the looks. It’s that you haven’t used option Merge on an Array modifier or haven’t removed doubles by selecting all and W, Remove Doubles in edit mode. Consider increasing Merge Distance.

Also, checkthis post since your image is not clearly describing problem you have.