Subdividing without strecth/stress ?


The following step I did:

  1. Add->Mesh->Plane
  2. SKEY: resize by only one axis, so that the sqaure becomes a

Now I want to subdivide that rectangle by squares and not by rectangles
of the minimized shape of the main rectangle.

I have Beast 0.5 (dont know whether this would do the job), but it
fails to start…

Is there any other way to do this ?

Thanks a lot for any hint! :slight_smile:

Keep blendering!

If you press the ‘beauty’ button in F9 edit windows, then subdivide three times (should be three) you will wind up with 8 squares. Turn off ‘beauty’ and continue to subdivide into squares as many times as you need it.

I’m not sure what beast has to do with this, though, unless you are asking why beast does not work with the most recent version of blender?

Hi forte,

there is a shadow in my mind telling me that I may have a remembrance
that Beast may have something to do with that what I want to acchieve.
(…I think, there are enough subjunctives in this sentence to make
sure that I am unsure about this. ;o)

I do not need to know, why Beast will not work with my CVS blender
since currently (just in this moment) I do not need it…
but it would be interesting how to fix it since non-working programs
always make me a little nervous… :slight_smile:

Keep blendering!

Can you not do it manually using loop cuts (CTRL-R)? Assuming the rectangle is 3 units long by 2 units high, for example, do two loop cuts perpendicular to the long sides and one along the length to get the basic square subdivisions then select all and subdivide to your heart’s content.

Actually, it might be even easier (just tested). On a 4x2 unit rectangle, sudivide all to get four rectangles. Then select three edges on one side (edge select) and subdivide then do the same with the other three edges. You now have eight perfect squares. Obviously any method will only work if the proportions of the original are conducive to squares.

I just quickly downloaded 2.42 RC2, the beast script available via this thread, and everything seemed to work fine. I have python 2.4, full install and set so that blender knows where it is.