Newbie here and I’ve been following Neal Hirsig’s amazing Blender Tutorials/Lessons when i ran in to a problem.
I was building the castle project and he subdivided and object 3 times and he got this

when I attempted to do the same i got this

Notice how mines subdivided to the extreme
Also im running blender 2.71 and i believe hes running blender 2.60.

If someone could help me out so that i can finish tutorial that would be awesome
Thank you!

You’re not providing the link to that tutorial, nor are you saying what object it was and what you did before, etc, etc, so I’m going to just take a stab in the dark and say that when you hit ‘Subdivide’ you already had some options set up from a previous Subdivide operation. Each time you apply an operator in Blender you get its options at the bottom of the Toolshelf (or via popup window with F6 hotkey). If you change these options, then the next time you apply the same operator they’d be reused. So it may be that’s what happened.

To fix what you have now you could use the Decimate modifier in Unsubdivide mode, or, if you’re bent on “finishing” the tutorial, just recreate the object and follow the steps again, I guess, paying heed to those options.