Subdivision Hotkeys? BEGGINER

This is my first post, be gentle please :slight_smile:

Is there a hotkey or some method to toggle the view of the subdivision modifier on and off? I Just started using blender, coming from Maya. In Maya you can press 3 and 1 in quick succession to go from subdivided to un-subdivided. I like this because I can quickly tell if the model has good topology or not, due to the way it deforms. Obviously you can do this in blender by clicking the “eye” symbol in blender to turn the subdivision preview on and off…but is there a hotkey for that? Would be great to do that on the fly without going to the modifier menu then clicking the eye manually every time.

Yes. There’s a way to do this. With your mesh object selected, you can press CTRL+0, CTRL+1, CTRL+2, CTRL+3, CTRL+4, and CTRL+5 to quickly set the subdivision level on that object.

Just a note: CTRL+0 doesn’t actually disabled the modifier. It just sets the number of subdivisions down to zero, which is effectively the same thing.

The default modifier visibility is to show the subdivided form in edit mode. I normally turn that off to see the structure better and if I have to check how it subdivides, tab to object mode and back. It’s very predictable though, so don’t have to do that often.

Perfect! Thanks ~

There is an addon for that. I use it myself.

Toggle Subsurf Modifier Visibility

Edit: Not sure if you know the installation procedure: in the link: Right-Click “RAW” and save link. Then install the addon from Blender’s User Preferences.

Enabling the addon creates a new hotkey called “Toggle Subsurf Visibility”. Find it and set it to whatever key you need.
Mine is Shift Q.

The toggle works on per object (not global).

Nice addon

Couldn’t get it to work, specifically, couldn’t bind it to a hotkey.

Which is a pity, because it is precisely something I’ve been wanting.