Subdivision modeling quesation

Hi, some day ago i saw a video by Alex Telford, where it model a weapon. I saw that it use bevel and some times loop cut for generating hard edges… so my question is: What is the difference by adding loop cut, beveling the edge or use edge crease? and when i finished to modeling with subsurf, how i can switch to a low poly version without losing the shape. The second problem born because i’ve a good hi poly model… I’ve tried to create a low poly version and bake the normal map. But the bake result is awful and the normal map work as it does.

Thanks in advance!

bevel works on the base mesh to round edges. making a loop cut next to the edge you want to soften only works for subsurfaced models. edge crease does the same thing as making a virtual loop cut very close to an edge, but since it is a modifier, it can be deleted or the values changed easily. as for your normals map, it’s hard to say without seeing the model, but I suspect you are dealing with either angles that or too harsh, or a mesh with intersecting pieces.

This are some screens of my model… it will be used in game… at the moment i’ve tried to duplicate the mesh appply modifier and reducing the poly by removing uneccesary loopcut… but as i said the normal map applied to the low poly doesn’t fake the hipoly version


  1. How did you bake your normal map?
  2. How did you unwrap your low-poly model?
  3. How do you apply your normal map to low-poly model?
  1. I Bake my normal map with the blender internal, i’ve tried xnormal too with average normal option but give same result
  2. I unwrap by trying to make seams on edges that usual in game will not be seen, if possible( if i’ve understand you question)
  3. I apply it by checking the normal map option and sampling, and i map it to Uv

however in the low poly model( that i’ve to finish for the reason that i’ve already said) all face are smooth, to avoid artifacts in the normal map…