Subdivision modifier changing when not in edit mode?

So I am making a character for the first time in blender and I did it with a subdivision modifier but now when I leave edit mode it looks very different and seems to have an old model from when I started the character. since I’m new it only lets me show one image, here is it outside of edit mode

here is the second image

Maybe rephrase your question. Your two images look to be the same. Which is what I would expect given the options toggled in the modifier, but you say the model looked different back in Object mode.

You don’t happen to have some hidden geometry in your mesh, do you? Can you go into Edit Mode and do an ALT H to see if anything appears? It kinda looks like you might have duplicated the mesh somehow.

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Thank you so much, I thought I had already done this but turns out I did not, this was a great reminder!

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