Subdivision modifier: set both subdivs to 1 and add lock button

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Some elucidation:

  • 9 out of 10 times I’d like both values to be the same. That means a lot of superfluous clicks while working with many subdivided objects.
  • I always like to start with a subdivision of 1 and increase the iterations only if necessary. But ever so often, 1 subdivision suffices.
  • Very often I discover that in a hurry I forgot to decrease the default rendering value of 2 on several objects, resulting in an overly complex scene during rendering.
  • A different iteration for rendering has a hidden risk of subsequent modifiers yielding a different result in the rendering than in the viewport.
  • The lock eases increasing both values at once, which you’ll want most of the time.
  • If you’d like the rendering value to always be one iteration higher, then unlock, increase the rendering value, lock, and the values will remain synchronized.

That is interesting. Not just because of an animation pipeline, but even in a hard surface pipeline, I find I never have the two set to the same, especially with animation where it is usually set to 0 for characters while animating in the viewport and 1 but usually 2 for rendering. The main reason I rarely have them the same in most cases is Blender’s performance with Subdivision is rather poor.

Default of 1 and 2 is what I use in most cases. And find more often than not only changing viewport to 0.

That said, a lock feature not on by default is a great idea.

Better would be having a setting in preferences to make your own default including having lock on or off.

What do you think?

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Thanks for your feedback Richard. Interesting. A Preferences setting to customize your own defaults would be ideal indeed. I’ll add that to the task’s thread.

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Kinda offtopic but the most annoying modifier with separate viewport / render setting is spin since it doesn’t even have render 0 = same as viewport behavior and you need to adjust both sliders…

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Yeah, a lock button would be useful for more modifier types.