Subdivision Surface Cutting Prouble

I have been usin Blender for about 1.5 weeks now: I have gone through some tutorials, and I can not figure out how to solve a proublem with my subsurfaced models creating sharp, uncurved edges. I think it was caused by deleting vectors from a subsurfaced model I was creating, but basicly a simple imaged of what it would look like would be: take a sphere, subdivide it once, then delete the bottom four(out of eight) boxes. The result would give you a half circle. Is there any way to recalculate the subsurface so that the subsurface is not cut like that, and the four boxes would be ovalish. I have been working on a model of a head for about 4 hours now, I am on the nose, and I would rather not have to start all over on it. Thanks!

P.S. I would post a picture to make this easier to understand, but I do not have a website to link it from.

Welcome! I’m not sure I understand your problem. Do you want it to be a solid, covered with faces again? If so, select the bottom vertices, hit E to extrude, then hit S to scale them to 0 (hold Ctrl to get it to 0). Then select all with A and hit W (Specials Menu) and click Remove Doubles.
I don’t think that’s what you meant though. Pictures would definitely help. You can upload them to or please. Thanks and good luck!

I went back and looked at my mesh. Two of my verticles were on the same spot, like you said, so i did what you told me and removed doubles. Now all is well, and my models nose is not a beak. Thanks a ton. :smiley:

:wink: and if you need to sharpen an area of your subsurfaced mesh then choose the vertices that need to be and hold shift then press E and move your cursor toward the vertices.Have fun blendering