Subdivision surface in the UV space


I was wondering if there was a way of displaying the UV map with a smooth mesh when we use a subdivision surface modifier instead of having the “unmodified” polygons?
I am thinking something that would look like the “on cage” option of the subdivision surface modifier but in the UV space.

I am attaching a screen to show the kind of object for which it would make it easier to edit the UV map to match the texture.

I see two relevant settings.

UV-modified UV-modified-view


Oh right, thanks for that
That’s mainly the modified option in the overlay section of the display, in the UV window that I was looking for.

Thanks! This solution helped me too. However, how do I view just the mofified SDS wireframe in the UV window? Currently I see the cage wires AND the modified SDS ones, which makes it kind of confusing.

Is there a way to see the modified UV mesh only in the UV window? Kind of like with the SDS modifier how we can hide the cage?

Modified UVs view

I don’t know, I looked at the themes but couldn’t find that specific control, which I assume to be the edge color. Because I don’t see any other control for it.