Subdivision surface modifier being weird

I am trying to model this guitar and I do so my subdividing a plane and the lining up the verts with an image behind it. This is working pretty well except for one spot:

At the top the sub surf just skips a ton of vertices and it make the whole thing look really bad, what causes this and how can I fix it?

It looks like you dissolved the inner vertices and made this one big n-gon. N-gon’s, especially N-gon’s with lots of vertices, can react in very unpredictable ways to subdivision. One way to try to fix it would be to recreate a quad topology with knife cuts, or by deleting the face only (not the verts) and then recreating the inner faces with a quad topology.


Select the massive ngon face in the middle and inset it. Ideally you’ll want to make it quads

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NURBS has entered the chat

What does nurbs have to do with this?

easier to get smoother surface without hassle that too accurately

And how do you get that into a game engine? How do you adjust smoothing resolution depending on distance to camera? How to edit the mesh if someone doesn’t know nurbs?

just convert it to poly after making the desired basic shape…then do whatever u want with it…

Can you show us an example of your workflow with nurbs and converting it to polys? This simple shape can be made using subdivision and fewer vertices.

and the curve to mesh addon since blender is not fully nurbs…and with good quad remesher u wont have to clean it…

If you intent to have a subdiv object you should start with a cube and subdiv modifier and exrude the cube and adjust it until the actual surface matches your image instead of making the individual verts match the image. When you add subdiv after the fact it will always be bigger/smaller/different so it’s best to start with it on and focus on where the surface is actually going.

But this can easily be done using subdivision and a simple plane. Now you have a bunch of extra edges that you still need to clean up if you want a usable subdivision cage, or a usable low poly model.

I can model only upto this due to lack of proper nurbs tool that too in one click…with subd u have to make a plane …push some points and then apply subd…then change levels of subd and then may be …change it to smooth shading probably…