Subdivision Surfaces and Lightflow

(endernaught) #1


I’ve recently been playing around with lightflow, and am wondering how subdivision surfaces are handled… as in, how can I get my lowres meshes that I make in blender using subdivision surfaces, to appear the same in lightflow?

Also, does the export handle multiple materials on objects (ala Blender’s material indices)?

Thanks :o

(S68) #2

New eeshlo script will handle SubSurf.

For now, convert them to meshes (ALT C) :slight_smile:

Don’t know on multiple materials


(eeshlo) #3

Subsurf meshes are also correctly handled by the old script, and multiple materials can be used with the new script.

(S68) #4

Right… it was lattice deformation that was not :stuck_out_tongue:


(eeshlo) #5

Actually that too is based on the same Blender function, so that should be correct as well using the old script.

(endernaught) #6

wonderful, thanks… I look forward to the new script. Now if I could just find a fast d/l of Mandrake iso’s, I could be rendering much faster under linux(this is what I hear). rendering on 2k is sssssllloowww.

(Skates) #7

yeah, by the way eeshlo, when is the script officially ‘coming out’? If there’s any way I can expediate the process let me know- I feel like I’ve been an inadequate beta tester. Anyway, we all appreciate your work greatly. One feature request I have is an option for only exporting geometry, location and rotation data, no materials, light or interface. That way you could make an animation but customize materials and the .PY file outside of the script, if necessary. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this would be needed if you were to create an animation using custom materials (Matspider) which exported each frame’s mesh data, etc?

(eeshlo) #8

I needed the sources to correct the texture mixing code, but although some of the code worked properly, I wanted to be sure so I just rewrote most of it using the source to make sure it matches 100% (or 99%, then again maybe it is less than that…). After that is done, I’ll release it, but I don’t think it will have a very long lifespan considering everything that is happening now…

As for the animation stuff, you can animate MATSpider materials, although it might appear a bit complicated, it is all in the docs, which I might put online first before the script…