I did this venetian mask and subsurfed it. After working on another separate part of the mesh I accidently subdivided the mask a few times and then saved the project. Now the mask is all rough and crumbly-like. Is there a way to fix this?:

Please help me as I don’t think I’ll be able to model it all again…

The only idea that comes to my mind is: how did you set your settings in the auto save options (see attached image).

In case you have set Save Versions >= 1 (I think the default is 1) you should have a backup file of your work on your hard drive in the same directory than your .blend file. This file has the extension .blend1 (or X in case you have set another value than the default) and was created when you saved your work (when you saved manually).

If however you set this to 0 => no backup file there.

However if you have set the value to 1 and have saved twice after subdividing the model I am afraid your backup file will have the model with the same subdivision.

I am sorry but other than that I can’t think of a way to undo the subdivision process. Alternatively you would either have to model the model again or try to delete vertices manually to make the shape round again.

Hope that this can help a bit.


Thx for the reply doubled. Sadly I didn’t make a backup file so I guess I’ll have to model the whole thing over again.The bad thing is I wasted plenty of time on this… Anyway thx again and I’ll make backups from now on;)
BTW isn’t it weird that subdivision has this effect? Shouldn’t it just produce more verticies but keep the same shape of the object???

OMG I just realized I thought I saved twice!!!. I do have a backup. Thx a bunch. I’ll mention your name when I finish the project :smiley:

edit: I realized why the weird crumbling effect. It is because of the Subsurf modifier

For future reference, the reason your mesh went all haywire is because of the subdivisions you made after having subsurfacing on…you kinda have to pick one or the other, polys or subsurface.

I ran into the same problem alot.:spin:

I don’t really get that…?

However, when you work with Subsurfs, make sure you use less polys than more. Too many vertices will make the smoothing weird, as there is little space for the modifier to work on. If you keep your vertcount low, the smoothing effect is much better - and judging from your first pic (is that the one with the accidentally applied modifier?), you now have too much vertices. Subsurf won’t help here anymore, it will rather make things ugly, as you have experienced.