Subdivisions and connecting meshes

Here are some models I’ve recently made - I’m fairly new to blender and I dont quite understand how to connect the meshes. Do I undo my subdivisions and re-apply them after I’ve bridged the meshes? Do I commit the subdivisions and bridge the high triangle meshes?

I’ve REALLY been struggling to find a decent tutorial on this.

so i guess you want them to be single manifold meshes? personally, i would use surface snapping, also known as retopo, to construct a new optimized mesh, using your current models as forms onto which your new faces will snap.

You say single manifold meshes. Does that mean one single mesh? I’m guessing it does - so yes, because that would reduce the triangles and be the most optimized, right?

I’ll see if I can find some tutorials on retopo, but Isnt retopology about making a lower poly mesh? It doesn’t sound like it would be the same process, thoughts?

Thanks Modron :slight_smile:

Here, I have deleted the faces that dont get any exposure.

I guess what I’m asking is - is it okay to not have the meshes connect? Only when it’s not animated right?

Someone just tell me if I’m doing this right please.

if it looks good, it’s ok. retopo / surface snapping is not just for reducing polys, it’s for optimizing your topology.