Subframe animation in Blender 2.8

I am challanged with the task of animating a humming bird. The wings of a humming bird can beat up to 80 times per second (according to wikipedia). In order to achieve accurate motion blur I would like to animate the wings somewhat with that frequency. However I can only set one keyframe per frame, so I end up with a max of around 12 beats per second bacause it takes one frame to animate the wing down and one up, which, at 25 fps, gives me 12.5 beats per second and so far the motion blur looks pretty wrong.

You may have to animate a little different than you would normally. Try adding three separate wings for each side separated evenly through out the figure 8 motion that a hummingbirds wing travels.

There are times when viewing a HB’s wing that it looks like three separate wings.

Keep the spacing motion blur the same for each wing.

Let us know if this works.


you know you can change the fps?

@CookItOff: It’s a rigged model with with a fixed geometry. No adding of wings.

@a59303: Yes I do, but changing the framerate would also throw my motion blur off. And in addition, this is a horrible workflow. If I set a custom framerate of n frames per second, I would have to animate the rest of the birds movement at 1/nth of the regular speed to compansate the custom framerate, otherwise the entires bird motion is rendered in n frames per second. With this approximated animation I then would have to go into edit, play it at normal speed, check if it’s looking right and for every further iteration I would have to go through this process all over again.

Thanks for your suggestions but these don’t solve my problem.

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Yep, makes sense, sorry no ideas…

You can access subframes if you turn off snapping in the graph editor. You have to set your keys on a full frame, but then you can translate them off by .5 or whatever you need

Well, how do I turn of snapping in the graph editor?

I think its here,

Yup, that’s it.

That seems to work, thanks.

Hey, I just also noticed this in the timeline under the playback menu:


Looks like it lets you scrub in between frames

Hi guys,

You can move graph points in subframe amounts, but you cant place the timeline in between frames.

So if you want to create a new point on the graph that’s in between frames, how do you do that?

And for the OP, don’t know if someone already mentioned it, but can’t you just use a modifier > built in function to create flapping wings at any desirable rate of HZ?