Sublender v2: Importing sbsar, Assets Manager and Turning parameters inside Blender

Hey guys,
I decide to release Sublender v2.0.0-beta3 now, although it’s still in the beta stage, it’s stable to use now. You can now get it on Gumroad with 15% off. If you have any problems please feel free to contact me. (For purchased users, you can find it in your download page of Sublender)

So what do we have in this v2.0.0 release?

Library Support

Easy to install

The previous versions of Sublender are known hard to install. I’ve made some improvements to it. You will only need to click the Install Deps button(it will freeze your blender a while). And RESTART your blender.
Screenshot from 2020-09-18 14-20-25

Other improvements

  • Import UI
    If you have multiple graphs in one package, you can choose which one you want now.
    Screenshot from 2020-09-18 14-35-07

  • Fully controlled Outputs (disabled by default)
    You can choose the output’s Format and Depth now.
    Screenshot from 2020-09-18 14-48-33

  • Auto Init Sublender when opening an existing inited blender file.


a great update, i needed a moment to find my way around, but from then on it’s a weapon :3

  • it would be great if you could load several sbsar into the library at the same time, it takes a while to fill my library

  • it would be great if i could change the location, rotation and scaling directly in the addon, that’s what i need for a perfect experience

Hey Cyso,
Your suggestions are great.
The first feature without doubts will be implemented. However, I don’t understand your second suggestion. Is it about the preview render of the Assets Manager?

how do i use the : live update of Sublender v2 ?

is there a tutorial?

is it possible to use a substance material with an input to connect the blender’s procedural maps?