Submachine One - remake

hello all

My English is weak :slight_smile:
sorry for mistakes

My game

And youtube video:

Download game:

Currently working on Submachine Fan
Please for comments

Wasza gra patrzy zabawa! Wdzięczności za wysyłanie pocztą tego to! Jest ten ucieczka gry? JA zamierzam wyładowywać to…:smiley:

Translated as: “Your game looks fun! Thanks for posting this! Is this an escape game? I’m going to download it.”

Your the maker of the submachine games? Or are you just remaking them?

Yes this game is a escape and the game is remake… :slight_smile:

Wow! Really nice remake! The only way it could be made better is if you allowed the dragging of objects, or at least see them while you drag them.

Awesome game, the graphics are good, the game is good, ill tell everybody about it, you made a very good job, congratulations.
Thanks for share with us.
I hope to see more of this one day.

hey, this is good
it is like the game that I want to make:
(this is only graph)