Submarine eh?

I’ve been working on some things including this . . .

My first time I’ve posted anything I’ve done despite having been at this for years. Unfortunate banding of the halo light which I aim to remove by separately compositing in another app. Now to animate this thing for my demo efforts . . .

(Sorry its big res wise because of the target format being PAL anamorphic and this is how you work with square pixels until I take it to the editing machine).

Looks really good.

Only crit would be to light up the underside a bit to see some details. Too dark right now. Maybe have some light reflecting back onto the underside for a more realistic/moody feel.


Wow. I like this very much. Modeling, lighing and texturing. I only wonder what it would look like if the water was some shade of blue or aqua.

I’ve been thinking about that underside as well, it really depends on the monitors gamma settings as to how much you see, so I didn’t really notice on my machine. I’m also considering having an envmap reflection in the main window, although it will be a pain for the animation rendering, as it already takes about 2 minutes a frame, mainly doing that halo, but it would add a lot of class.

It is hard to see the underside and I have a high-quality monitor. It does need some bouce lighting from those bright spots. Other than that it looks pretty nice.

2min/frame…that’s nothing. Throw in the environment map. Start complaining when your times get over 20min :smiley:

Try to increase spot edge size. They are too sharp. Good work anyway.

OK, version 2

Good, both of them :slight_smile:

But I think I like the first best.


Yep, I like the contrast of the first one myself. I’m still trying to subtley get the underside to show up just a bit, but it seems to either be visible or not, and not anywhere in between. I suppose this has turned into a more WIP than I thought . . .

At least I nailed those reflections, and they do add a lot (although my computer is crying). My enthusiasm with the particles seems a bit high. One more shot to correct those and the light and then I’ll animate it . . .

great pic! the background looks a bit low-res though. :smiley:

The real final effort then

The floor is low res yes, I think for the anim I might add another finer layer of noise to it, as at the moment its just several multilayered bump maps. One really fine one would break it up nicely.

I’m pleased because I’ve tamed the particles, I like the subtle reflection, and its still got the contrast of the first one.

love that pic! VERY VERY cool! :slight_smile:

cya henrik

Good Work! 8)
I like the scene but you can add other object , Plants rocks and Fish.

That third pic rocks! Good lighting, good athmosphere, much contrast, beautiful colours… get the point? :smiley:
No go make some plants, and put a few fishes in the bg.

No fish, PLEASE!!! :<
fish would spoil the picture. Maybe a rock or some plancton (okey I can’t spell) but nothing all to colourful.

I really the like the atmosphere in the last picture really nice, gives you that underwater-feel. hmmm, maybe some writing on the hull of the sub? Something along the lines of “Dangerous do NOT touch”?

this is a very nice modeling job

excellent modeling and atmosphere, i hope you put some more of the mist in the pic, the version with mist looked fantastic!

Thanks for the complements and advice.

Just to let you know I currently have a scene where a few dogfish are swimming around (but they are only shadows on the edge of the mist zone) but are scattered when the sub comes on. There’s also some whale bones on the floor, and I’m going to add some pebbles. I’ll probably go too far adding things and then have to spend ages working out what to take away.

its good to add detail, but dont over-clutter the scene. :smiley: