Submarine new version

It’s new version of my old submarine picture .
another mood

very nice render, the reflections of light underwater are adding for it, im missing some vegetation though, but impressive work.

All the great works on this site, but I must say this really struck me. Maybe because of atmosphare, maybe because I like submarines, maybe because of technical excellence.

i have to agree with temudzin - stunning work. I particularly like the textures on the sub itself.

Only thing i can suggest is to give it a bit more of an interesting title :wink:

Wooooah! Actually, another word slipped from my mouth when I saw this picture! This is amazing!

How did you do the rocks?

Ever thought of doing an animation with this?



dont know why, I also like submarines (maybe since petersen’s film) and this image is really powerful.

I’d cut about a ‘meter’ of rocks to the right. The image showed incomplete in my browser, but when I resized it, the result was worse, because that extra spare of rocks add nothing and betrays the general movement of the image to the left side.

whoa man !
at first look it looks a beauty, great work …
but the rocks behind the submarine are looking a bit low end, and also the volumetric light coming above the sub is looking un-natural,
the rest is great

keep em coming

I love both of them, they are both beautiful.

5 stars :wink:

greboide:I planed alone(“dead”) mood.
Skinnious:I’m poor in english for more interesting english titles.
gunnarstahl:rocks cube, subdivide, subdivide fractal, proportional tools, displace. Animation yes I reflected about it.
[email protected]:Thx

Great work, G_Taurus. The lighting and materials were really well done and helped establish a fairly convincing atmosphere for this scene.


Love the misty water at the top; it really sets this piece apart.