Submarine Simulation

I am trying to simulate a submarine to be neutrally bouyant.
how can i simulate bouyancy on an object in the game engine?

No Gravity?

the gravity would be set, if that’s what you’re asking…
I would like then to simulate the buoyant force of the object in water

gravity is just a constant -9.8 force on the global Z axis. To make something neutral buoyant simply give the object a +9.8 force on the Z axis.

There are controls for gravity in the world options too, but they say not to adjust this. Even though I have turned it to 0 with no noticeable ill effects.

Look for an aquarium demo from a member named Angela Smith. I think her demos are still online even after what happened to her and her brother. I think Mike Pan made a pretty nice simulator too, his name is mpan on the forums. There is also some guy named Big Kahunna who does professional submarine demos, as long as you are not his compitition, I have a feeling he might help you out.

If you find a way to make dynamically oscillating caustics, project on a surface, without the video plugin, please let me know.

@The Oracle, sorry for the off-topic, but what happened to Angela?

@The Oracle,
thanks I will check those out