Submarine (U Boat 7C 9C)

here a submarine or u boat i am working on :
C&C plz and does any one kno of any gd tutorials for lighting and making waves look realistic. Thanks

Its hard to comment on a small render and still make useful and fair comments about the quality of your work. If you could offer a 640x480 render perhaps with a slightly more revealing camera view, we could be of more help. My initial reacion is that the hull itself is not detailed enough. From what I remember of U-Boats the hulls have some creasing and indentations that your model appears to be missing at first glance. But once again, I can’t say much without having a better look. I like the modelin on the “con tower” (or whatever it’s called, I’m not in the navy) but the gun looks like it could use some work. Bigger render! :open_mouth:

yes, it’s very small. Give us bigger image ! :stuck_out_tongue: