Submarine XVIIB

Wel firste of all this is my first serius work in blender. i used 3D studio max version 3.1-5 in window from 1999 to 2001 or so after that i started using linux. I known about blender but never realy got in to it but now I have been working for a weak whit it totaly and doing a WW2 german submarine.
When the sub is done the ide was to make some battelship, water and all that and make som nice movie when the sub dives and then lunches its torpedos. Still dont know how to make the ligtnh realistik under water and so one. I did that in 3D studio max once but blender is totaly diffrent so im relerning evrything agen plus i ahvent used any of this programs for years.
So here is a sample but its not close to anything Iv seen here but i have only used blender for 7-8 days so :stuck_out_tongue:

If some one knows any how tos that is similar to what Im doing, Eg boat or submarine manovering on and under water that ould be nice help.

Welcome to blender. :slight_smile:
You should consider adding a strong bump map (called a nor(mal) map in blender) You could use the one you have already applied (it looks like you have). You could also add some wires stabilizing the tower (wires from the tower to the ends)
For the lighting, (tutorial) (the file)

you could also add some volumetric lights, or fake them with some transparent tubes.

Yes wiers from the tower there will probably be some. I have bluprints of this sub in a book but there seems to be difrent versions of this sub or information my be incorect in some cases so sill sorting out what is going to be added and how it will look. This sub wasent made many of and it was prity exprimental german sub in late 1944-1945.

That tuturial will come in handy for the under water seen. But Im a bit unsure how to make a good sean where you falow the sub making a dive. Tha would need a good surface sean ( realistic water whit waves, reflections etc) and nice under water sean in the same animation.

have been trying out difrent howtos of making water and they sky.
After mutch hassel I got this picture to day.
still not as good as I would like but considering I never done water before it start to look like somthing.
its jsut a test render nothing that will be in the end results. The u-boot will need more work and Im still nto hapy whit the water.

Hope my bad english is posible to understand.

Best regards patrik