please c&c

…inspiration from my dream…

Can you change the size to 1280x1024, I’d really like to have this as a wallpaper?

:slight_smile: wasn’t there something (vaguely) similar as a povray test scene (once upon a time …) ?

cool sub there …

space.warp:sry. this scene have another format(proportions) than 1280x1024

tedi:Really? I don’t saw it.

The underwater scene is nicely lit. The mines need some sort of marine growth on them.

Very nice scene. For some reason the mine doesnt seem perfectly spheric. the image seems slightly stretched vertically.

On the other hand the underwater scene is very well lit and I love the mood of the scene. The sub is great too


nice. how long did it take you?

Nice atmosphere!

But, in the mines more distant from surface, the illumination should be darker

great work looks awsome, but the fish looks to be about 3-4 meters long is it like a massive tuna or something,i thought that they would be further down

other than that awsome work

Nice work; I like the underwater affect. This reminds me of Finding Nemo with the sub and the spikey ball things.

thanks for positive replies :slight_smile:

2 days

Aidan:I know, i will delete this fish.


i really like the lighting and the mood! great job :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great! I think think the fish is scaled fine but totally out of place for the scene. I don’t see anything wrong with the lighting on the mines.

thelonesoldier:Fish is death(deleted). :smiley: