Been working on this one for the last week. It may look familiar to some as it’s based on a famous sub from the 1960s. It’s not an exact copy as there appears to be a few different version of the sub out there.

I’ve still got a way to go before it’s finished so thoughts, comments and advice are most welcome.

Here’s a few renders I did a 1000 samples each.

Thanks for looking.

Just a couple of renders with some of the finer details to the sub.

The first one is of the doors to the missile silos and the second is of a door that I added to the conning tower, there’s another door higher up with gives access to the… not sure exactly what they’re called but it’s the wings on the conning tower.
The second render shows a few problems with the deck, not sure if it’s just shadows but the deck looks like it’s got a dip in the centre near the tower. Have to see what’s going on there.

I’ve got this far with creating a scene for the sub. Been using the ocean modifier for the sea, which I’m fairly pleased with, and dynamic paint to create a wake if front of the boat, which is a bit of a hit and miss affair at the moment. I have been using a scaled up cylinder as a stand in for the sub, but if I crank the resolution up to 20 on the ocean modifier and then try to animate the passage of the cylinder through the water my computer slows to a crawl. So that’s not great for editing purposes.

I would like to make the flow of the water across the sub’s body more dramatic looking, foam and splashes of water rising up, and also add an effect to the rear of the sub to indicate that the propellers are churning the water. I’ve no real idea how to achieve either of these effects so if anyone has any ideas or knows of tutorials that might help I would be glad for the info.

I used a HDR image for the background, I got it from this site.

I managed to find a way to make an engine wake, it’s not perfect but don’t look too bad.

I use two cubes as outflows in a fluid simulation, set the resolution to 150 and then baked. I also added a couple of particle systems and two wind force fields for the smaller drops of water.

Did a bit of post processing in Gimp for this image. I rendered out a calm version of the sea and a slightly rougher version then blended them together using a layer mask. I think having the water appear flatter in the distance adds to a greater sense of scale. I also decided to darken down the sub, I thik it looks better now.

Planning to add in a hint of a coast line to the base of some of the cliffs next.

Hi, nice model. I would like to see the wireframe. Which submarine is this based on? I think an underwater scene with some dirt and air particles and could be interesting. Keep going.

Hi gdp2000. The sub is called the Sea View and it appear in a 1960s film and television series called Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

Here’s a few wire frame shots. The mesh is a bit messed up in places but it’s basically made from three cylinders.

I will have a go at doing an underwater scene once I finish the surface running version. Cheers for the comment, it’s much appreciated.