Submerged era: 3d artwork based on "Beneath Lilies"

Submerged Era!

I managed to join the recent sketchfab challenge! Phew! Ring a bell? Yeah! it is based on " Beneath Lilies" by Vanessa Palmer. Besides the mech did you notice the Big Ben?! I thought to indicate that it was a post apocalyptic world I should drown some manmade landmarks! Below is the inspiration behind this work.

From the viewport,

You can explore the scene from sketchfab. Be my guest please!

Interested in some scene breakdowns?
Welcome to my youtube channel! The video is still under construction though :")

Here are more shots I got from eevee with out any post processing

Hehe do you see that gundam bot?!

Thanks for your time! (@^◡^)


I love how it looks 2D. Great work!

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thank u so much! giving it 2d feel was my main target!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow! Much appreciated Bart :smiley:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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hehe! I am so happy right now! Thanks!

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haha! yeah! Its a Gundam!

Nice work! I am pretty interested in how you made the shaders :yum:

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Thank you! If you inspect from the sketchfab link you will see that it is just a diffuse map. No complex shader. But still I am making tutorial for it

Man, this is Breathtaking!
Is that mech ( Gundam) made out of stone or it just aged like that?

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ahahaha finally the question I have been anxiously waiting for! Initially I thought of making aged metal materials for it…like any usual underwater metallic structure would look like. But changed my mind right away. Didn’t want to break the color scheme of the original at all! So I left it like that. Perhaps I can pass it as super aged structure that gathered underwater moss or something :3

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Coming to think of it if it was metal I would look kind of out of the place. No, it looks like it was an old God Statue xD. where they used to warship this Gundam figure xD!

hehe looks like the story took an unexpected turn

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Each individual component has no meaning on its own.

But when used to compose a larger piece, they fit together so well. Everything fits together so well.

This is a wonderful piece of work.

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thank you so much man! thank you so much!

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wow this is beautiful

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thank you so much!

Congratulations with being in the ‘Best of Blender Artists 2021’!

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