Submit Your Work for a Blender Gallery

Hey Blender Artists,

I am adding a gallery to my new website that has lots of blender content (well, it will soon). I want to have a wide variety of art from the blender community. So, I am calling for submissions!

Reply to this thread and post your best work done with blender only. (post-processing allowed)

Also, please include what you rendered it with, and maybe a little description of the piece.

I will PM you if your work is accepted.



And you are?

Hey, galleries are always cool, I’ll probably submit my computer when it’s done. Check here for my works in progress thread: Which needs a bump…I’ll have to post an update tonight…

I might want to see your site first…make sure you’re not claiming my work as your own or anything…

This probably doesn’t go in finished projects. Just a heads up.

Ah what the heck… you can use this one!
“Crying Out”

And yeah, this probably should be in News and Discussion

An attempt at a room
Blender Internal
Sorry for the size

Here are my only 2 reasonable images I have made. All blender internal and tiny bit of photoshop.

preety proud of these ones, modeled in blender, both renderd in indigo


My contribution…

Mini Village

Modelled and rendered in Blender and its internal renderer.

Modeling in Blender, UV in GIMP, Rendered in Blender INTERNAL

Wow guys, these are great. Sorry if i put this in the wrong place, I just though people may be coming here to post finished projects and see this…

Keep them coming!

You can have this one too!

You can have my latest, an abstract one.
“To Desire the Unattainable” blender internal, that is all.