Submitter Script for Smedge render manager

Hello guys,

I just completed an addon/script to directly send jobs from Blender to the Smedge render manager. So in case anyone here is using Smedge I thought it would be nice to share it:

Btw, you can run Smedge with up to 4 machines completely for free.


Hello, Johannes.

Your Smedge Addon looks amazing and very useful!

I am new to blender and have just started a new gig for which I will be doing a ton of blender renders. I have been using Smedge for years (love Robin - he’s amazing to deal with) mostly in After Effects and C4D. I would love to use your script, but it does not seem to work in 3.0. I just see the Start: End: and Resolution: - no options or ability to start smedge job.

Do you have any plans to update this for 3.0?