Submundo 2: Condenados -Updates

Latest DEMO version

History: William Sotski is a Brazilian military working in Sena Corporation, he need to go to an island check your communications that were disconnected from the continent. In the way to the island there strange facts, like a missile in your helicopter. Getting there, william faces aberrations that are explained throughout the game.

Team of game: Me and Gustavo

Type: Horror

Softwares: Blender DEMO

Looks cool, although I can’t run .exe, so I can’t play. If you put [Download] in your thread title you’ll get more feedback on your work. Do you have any videos or anything? :slight_smile: This is a Correct link, the other is broken. Needs blender 2.6 for run the game

For more infos

I dont’n know change the title.

Could you upload it to Mediafire? 4shared is kinda forcing me to register but I hate how it changed into a ‘login-first’ file hosting website. MediaFire Link

Trailer of Sub Mundo 2 with new DEMO

Even though I have no idea what the text says, the trailer looks nice. :slight_smile:

Guys, here’s the trailer of the game

New part of island

More details in the scenes

Menu (Portuguese)

New Walk animation

(.) Horror…

Correction of some textures

Looks great, nice character and enemy! :slight_smile: