Subsector RTS - Progress

Well i FINALLY got around to doing this. Anyways post will be on the progress for my entry into the 2010 blender game competition.

The game is an RTS game set in an underwater world, mostly these large underwater cities and the surrounding waters around each one.


The world outside these under water cities has changed much the world was dragged into a great war by a group known as the Collective. Currently the Collective have conquered roughly half the world, the only the most industrialized nations stand in there way. In the midst of the chaos above a new threat emerged, an undetected leak of radiation from a nuclear reactor powering one of the many underwater cites cuased a mutation in the surrounding wildlife. Then an accidental spill of toxins into the water caused further mutations, thus the Mutagen were created. Soon some Mutagen broke through into the nearby city, decimating a whole sector of the city untill they closed it off with bulk heads. Mutagen despite being able to live in water preferred to live in the air of the cities thriving in it, with this discovery the Mutagen quickly made a point to capture as many of these cities as they could.


There are currently 3 factions in the works maybe a fourth along with some experimental factions on certain sandbox maps.
the factions are also completely different, think (Universe at War, or Starcraft) type different. Though more to the extreme like UaW.

The factions are as followed:

The Collective: On a quest to dominate the world only a few countries are left to defend against this menace. The Collective will stop at nothing to conquer the remaining powers. The units of the collective are the most powerful units in the game,though they lack the ability to mass produce any unit type. Instead of multiple buildings they rely on a single large structures that is highly customizable and upgradeable. These structures can only be built in front of sub docking bays located around the city. The Collective produce very little resources on their own and must wait for shipments from above carried in cargo submarines, these submarines must be guarded at all costs.

Mutagen: (may change name, any ideas?) These creatures are the spawn of radiation leaking from a faulty nuclear reactor powering one of cities, they quickly became a world wide problem. Mutagen have the most “normal” functions of all the factions. They gather resources outside the city with collection units, this resource is Organic Material, unlike the other factions it’s the only one they have. The units from the Mutagen are like the Zerg from Starcraft, they mass produce many weaker units, nearly all units can exist in the water. Due to the fact that there building are alive too, the building must be built near a storage building, if material runs out they slowly take damage.

Militia of the Allies: (may change name, any ideas?) The people who live in these cities new the inevitable was coming and prepared for it, though the Mutagen came without warning and claimed many cities, while disabling many more. The Militia is composed of the surviving dwellers of the cities, the militia is composed of almost completely of small infantry units,. This though allows them unrivaled access to the small corridors and maintenance halls that crisscross the internal structure of the cities. The building are the smallest and weakest buildings in the game composed of small shanty towns. Though they can pick up and move their buildings to different parts of the map and most can fit inside most of the small areas inside the cities. Instead of building different buildings, the shape of shanty structures placed next together effects what the shanty town as a whole can produce. Being resourceful the Militia produce there own resources with or without buildings, though the more shanty structures they have the faster they produce.

Allies: (yes this is the fourth faction) The Militia being part of the Allies will have a much needed ally if they are added.

The game will be also somewhat unique to the RTS genre as there is a 3-d map. Which means there can be multiple floors to these maps (your base can be right above the enemy base).

please tell me what you think
questions?, comments?, concerns?

I might help a little. I’m used to different engines, but i’ll willing review/critique/get confused about all the code you produce.

I believe a RTS is definitely possible.