Subserf isue

hello there
i am no strong about subserf modeling
just following my intuition

look ant the attached image
thous lines on top of the model…
how can i get rid of them ?

thank you


forum_subserf.blend (172 KB)

where is the problem ?

see render pic

to see it you really have to zoom in a lot !

is it nessary to be so close to it ?

this i think is subsurf distorsion

so redo it but with no subsurf if you want to get rid of this lttle detail!

i tested with edgesplit and it does not change anything to the geometry!

i did another test and simply remove the subsurf and set smooth
that removes the little things on top and it looks nice
try it and let us know

good luck


well thank Richard

the object is an adjust modes button for a camera

i would like to get ride of them
and i am going to zoom on it , its a important detail

the model is already with “set smooth” ON
also edge split doing nothing .
the lines are also there without the subserf modifier (less lines but they are there)

must be some vertices i need to move or add some loop cut
but i don’t find where i should add/move


The problem is that the edges around the center aren’t evenly distributed. Even with set-smooth, closely spaced edges will tend to compress (for lack of a better word) the shading over those areas, creating the flattened lines you’re seeing.

I have an altered version that I think should help with the problem. I basically just took the top section and used the Smooth (W -> Smooth) command to redistribute the edges, and added a few more loops to help round the surface more.


forum_subserf_02.blend (180 KB)

thank you thank u
i know i was missing something and needed to move some vertices :slight_smile:
i was thinking it was the tooth/bump that breaking a complete circle shape
i redid the spin again with your tips looks very good

thank again

here is the blend file no stripes at all :slight_smile:


forum_subserf.blend (185 KB)