Substance 2021, Substance's last year for perpetual licensing (in Steam)?

I just want to open a discussion how 2021 will be the last version for Substance products to have perpetual licensing. By reading the announcement where they will discontinue linking Steam license to your Substance account around after. February 2021, it’s hard not to assume that next versions will only be accessible via subscriptions. What are your thoughts?

Hmm, I read it just as not being able to link your Steam account for a ‘Stand Alone’ license - i.e. the Non-Steam version after 2021. I think the steam version will exist still. Could be wrong though. Unless it specifically says otherwise?

Just a name: Adobe.
Is there anything else you need to add?

We can only hope that Quixel Mixer will become more complete and that Blender will include a similar method to get that “smart materials” workflow.

The main thing that I want for substance painter alternatives is stroke preservation. It’s indispensable for prototyping.

Considering my recent interest in Apple hardware, my major concern is that I’ll be able to get a perpetual license for the eventual M1 rev of the Substance suite before it goes sub only. If I can do that, I can keep riding the same version for 3-4 years, and hope that the alternatives are able to catch up in the meanwhile.

Though there are no official news of discontinuing Substance in Steam, the speculation of it happening feels very high. Adding the fact that they’ve slowly taken steps by removing perpetual from their own site feels convincing to expect the worse. It’s also a pain where you can’t open the same instance of programs in Steam.

men im really disapointed but i just want to leave it as it is. I wish they still release the perpetual version. Substance Painter is an amazing tool and the price is affordable to for hobbysts. Too bad it has to ended up with subs only .

btw can i purchase via steam in this christmast? *my last SP was 2018 version

It’s on a preorder discount which will end and release on January 27. While unreleased you’ll already gain access to the latest 2020 version. The discount is lower than before but if you have until the 2018 version then you’ll have a 53% discount. I’m planning an upgrade specifically for the reason of UDIM support.

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I just upgraded from 2018 and got the 53% discount. I now have SP 2020 and can’t wait until January to get 2021. It would be a real shame if they ended perpetual but as mentioned above, they are an Adobe company…nuff said.

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yeyy thanks for the info. UDIM support is a thing