Substance Alchemist Height to Blender

Hello, I am using 2.91.2 Blender version. I made a texture in Substance Alchemist that I wanted to apply to a plane in Blender.

Added a material onto that plane in Blender. It automatically gave me a principle BDSF and a Material Output in Shader. Then I added the required amount of Image Textures. One for Base, Normal etc. And I connected them all to where they need to be on the BDSF. Everything looks fine.

Now I wanted to add the Height. So I got another Image Texture, and added a displacement node. I connected the color to height and from there connected the displacement to displacement on the Material Output. However, it changed nothing and it’s still flat.

What else do I need to do or what did I miss or do wrong?

Blender doesn’t have texture based tessellation or parallax style displacement out of the box. To get your height, you’ll either have to render it in cycles using a displacement node, and a subdivision surface modifier with adaptive subdivision selected, or if you want to use it in Eevee, subdivide the hell out of your mesh, and use a displacement modifier.

edit: though you could also experiment with this

I’ve been playing around with it, and I’m finding I like the results. They’re not quite as dramatic as doing things the cycles way, but they’re still pretty damn close. For example…



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