Substance Designer 4 is 25% off on Steam for 24h.

As of now, 08.12.2013, 19:00h CET it’s on sale for the next 24h.

I know it’s slightly off topic here, but great news and needs some spotlight as it’s only on for 24h. I’d politely ask the Mods to move the thread in a dusty corner once the sale is over. :wink:
There might be some indie game devs lurking here who don’t want to miss this offer.

It doesn’t seem a big deal to most, but firstoff it’s an amazing tool and secondly, 25% off for the commercial version means you save ~137 euro.

Substance Designer Standard is 70€ instead of 93€
Substance Designer Commercial is 412€ instead of 550€

Check it out:

It was 50% off a week ago. I agree though that this is software worth getting, even more so when we learn more about substance painter.

Thanks for posting this, I’ve been considering SD for a while.

BTW Don’t these posts actually belong in the news section?

When I last read the online documentation, I do wonder if they actually hid or took out quite a few of the derivative scattering and placement options for their procedural patterns compared to Mapzone.

The free Mapzone software for example gave you a big wall of options for tweaking procedural patterns and FXmaps, judging from what I’ve read from Substance Designer, I haven’t seen much indication if all of these options can still be accessed or emulated in some way (even though some of these are now split off into different node types, most of their videos right now seem to be mainly about texturing imported models and not the construction of general-use tiling textures.).