Substance painter and Blender sss problem


I ll have a small problem with my export fbx from blender to substance.

I ll would like to know if there is a problem of unit between Blender and Substance because when I try to saw my SSS in substance… no way. The people from substance tell me it’s a scale problem (object too big).

My unit in blender is: metric unit scale 1.0 and my objet 1m80.

Perhaps it’s a problem when I’ll export on fbx?

Thanks by advance for your help.

Try exporting a obj, and see if that helps in Painter.
FBX can a bit of an issue sometimes between applications.
Also, be sure to apply scale before exporting.


I’m going to try for the obj.

For the scale I’ll Apply it before I’ll export in fbx.

you were right,
in obj it works!

I think it’s the fbx that poses problem for the sss.

On the model I am making I can not go back but it’s good to know for the sss.

I wonder if there is a fix on the fbx?

I thank you for the tip

In fact for fbx in apply scaling I ll put “FBX all” to replace “All Local” by default and it work!

Hope it could help some people.

If somebody had other tips.

Thanks by advance.

I’m new to SP but old to Blender; this is what I’ve learned in the last few days:

fbx works better in SP than obj - the ID map options
It’s better to not only apply all transforms in Object mode in Blender, but to join everything with one UV map and a clean set of materials before exporting.

That meant saving my Blender file to something like “ModelForSP.blend” and making some changes:
Apply all transforms
Explode any parts that are covering each other
Join everything
Fix the UV maps in such a way that you can split them back later if you need to:
no overlapping faces, unless they’re mirrors and you’re OK with that
I arranged them in 4 quadrants on the UV map, worked fine splitting them later in PS
Merge duplicate verts.
Clean up the file
Use multires modifier to make the high poly version if you don’t already have one
*_low poly with “apply modifiers” unchecked
*_high poly with “apply modifiers” checked
Export to fbx as you mention above.

All this work totally worth it - I had the thing textured in SP in about half the time as anything I’ve done before, and it came out better. Those smart materials are genius. Also the brushes. And that was with me barely figuring out how to do it. After I had my materials exported from SP and split in PS, I brought them back into my first Blender file so I could make the collada export I actually needed,

Thanks for the tips.

In fact the problem was only for the SSS in SP viewport… It seems it’s a unit problem.

The only way to fix it is exported in obj like said Robwu but I’ll found in fbx with “fbx all” option at the export the SSS SP work ,with “all local” option at fbx export no way.


Hi @majorfatal ,

Good to know the obj export worked.
As I expected, the fbx is not exported correctly size wise, so that’s why you see issues with SSS in Painter. If you fix the scale issue you will be fine in Painter.
And yes, SSS -is- scale dependent for all models. That’s why you had issues there.

@Ada_Radius has some nice tips there for getting your model into Painter with some UV tricks & tips.
There are some addons out there that will do the separation for you so you can export it for painting.