Substance Painter Height maps in Blender

(Amethyst) #1

I use Substance Painter and Designer for my texturing needs, however I have a question.

In Substance Painter many materials use height map information when you’re painting your models, but if I want to use them in Blender I’d have to give way more geometry and use a Displacement modifier right?

But here’s the thing, in Substance Painter it doesn’t generate more geometry on my models and yet I still see all the info. And for character’s that obviously rely on clean topology for animation, this is very important.

How can I use those height maps in Blender without having to increase the geometry and effectively ruining my clean topology on my characters?

(StroBlend) #2

Substance can convert height information to normal map then you apply the normal map in blender

(Amethyst) #3

Huh, really? I never knew that. How? By using the OpenGL Normal Maps maybe?

(StroBlend) #4

Like that: