Substance Painter sees its first release as an Adobe product

So far, it looks like perpetual licenses are still around.

As for the rest, there’s indications that the two companies are now starting to bring in functionality and workflows from Photoshop into Painter, it also looks like they have improved on their marketing terminology (which includes referring to one feature as black magic).

The big headline feature is realtime displacement and tessellation, others include radial brushes, evolving brushes, and height-based blending. The only limitation is that there doesn’t seem to be any vector displacement yet, but so far it seems like the Adobe effect isn’t too drastic yet.


Looks pretty impressive. Can’t wait to test the realtime displacement.

I’m literally scared to look at their updates/twitter since adobe took over, don’t want to loose my perpetual licenses.

Is it possible to update the Steam version to get these features? When I bought it in November it said it had support for a year’s worth of updates but it’s not giving me the option to update. I’ve linked my two accounts, but still nothing.

You should be able to get the update on the Substance website for free, but not on Steam.
Unfortunately the Steam licensing API only allows us to have licenses tied to a calendar year and not from the day of purchase.

So the executable one I can download from my Allegorithmic account will be the latest one?

It should be, yes. You can also download the Substance launcher (currently in Beta) from the download page to make sure and keep everything up to date.

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I have been using Substance Painter for quite some time at work. It’s making my painting experience more enjoyable.