Substance Painter to Blender Displacement Map (Height Map)

Can someone help me understand what the best export settings for height maps coming from substance painter to blender are? Blenders displacement is kind of strange to begin with, but I’m not sure what format to keep the results from substance to blender are. As well, I’m not sure if any kind of “post” substance work needs to be done, for instance, roughness maps often need to be put through a math node set to “Power” with a value of 2 to have a good result in blender. Tutorials online seem to always skip over displacement.

Anyone have any tips?

Regarding Substance settings I don’t believe there’s anything that really needs to be done beyond exporting in 16bit or 32bits. This eliminates any possible stair-stepping that you may get with only having the 256 values in 8bit.

As for the roughness maps. If you are using a Principled BSDF by chance, you no longer need to square the texture. This is already being done in the shader.

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