Substance Painter to Blender

I’m trying to get the Hedgehog Substance Painter to Blender addon working, but for some reason Blender 2.79 isn’t seeing the livelink textures generated in Substance Painter 2017.4.1. I installed everything per the README.txt, and it all shows up in both Blender and SP. I selected the folder to store the textures, and enabled in Blender. But when I do Send All in SP, the Blender Cycles render view updates but the new textures don’t show up. They are there, and looking good, in the folder I specified.

I’m not getting any error messages, so I can only figure that Blender doesn’t know where to look for the textures. I did it on a simple cube I exported via FBX into SP, and made sure to bake textures when it came into SP. And I’m using the pbr-metal-rough shader in SP, although I’m not sure if that matters.

I even set the Blender user preferences to have the Textures folder the same as where I saved the output from SP that I specify in the Hedgehog addon before I Send All.

Anyone know if I’m missing some magical step to make this work?


Never mind…it created a NEW material in Blender with the prefix HH_xxxx, and I just need to select that and I’m all set. I thought it would update the existing one.

Now it seems that with a more complex object it is generating opacity and emissive nodes in Blender, but there are no opacity or emissive maps generated in SP. And the result in Blender is the render looks wacky until you manually deleted those nodes.

Anyone know of a way to fix this? I’m using the pbr-metal-rough shader in SP, and those channels don’t even exist, so why would it try to generate them in the transfer to Blender?