Substance Painter to Cycles Principled

I have just started learning Substance Painter and I am trying to export my textures from Substance and put them into the principled shader. Does anyone know the correct export options for Substance and the correct node setup for Cycles to give results similar to the Substance viewport? Thanks!

There are two plugins in work:


here are the the correct export options

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Thanks for your responses!

@Dito Unfortunately I use Linux so I can’t use the live link but the other one looks interesting. How would you use it with custom textures?

@gritche Thanks for the export options, they seem to be working great!

Does anyone know the correct node setup to plug the exported textures into?

There’s also this

Thanks you everyone for your replies! I seem to have got it working reasonably well plugging the exported textures (thanks again @gritche) directly into the corresponding inputs on the principled shader. I think most of the problems I was having were due to incorrect brush settings (specifically the “amount” of metalness) in SP :o.