Substance painter

I have literally searched a million times but not found an answer. Hoping the community can help me.
Why use substance painter over traditional shading. I don’t see any advantages. Sure you can paint by hand and all but so can you do with creating masks in blender. Pls explain if u am wrong as I don’t think allgirethmic ( or should I say Adobe :grin::grin::grin:) don’t justify the high price ( at least in my opinion )
So pls can anybody explain -

  1. Advantages of it over traditional texturing In blender
  2. Situations in you can use it
  3. If u used it, is the price justified.
    Pls explain in simple language. Thanks in advance for spending your valuable time.

Paint 5 layers of rusty grunge and scratches on an object with somewhat complex geometry based on curvature and crevasses in blender and then do it in substance painter. Painter is probably going to be 10-20 times faster than blender (rough estimate, but you get the point).

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Ok I understand your analogy but can u pls explain more broadly. How does it differ ?
Actually I am not so big on texturing. I have just recently started dabbling in procedural stuff.
Thanks in advance

Also can u justify the price ?

The three main advantages are:

  1. Painter can apply and paint entire materials (that is color, specularity, roughness, normal, metallness, etc.) at once. In blender you can paint a b/w mask or a color map. Painting an entire material is much slower in blender (there are some addons that make it a bit better, but not as streamlined as painter)
  2. Painter has many procedural tools, so you can do alot of masking by just layering effects and playing with sliders. In blender you’d have to make very complex node setups to create a compareable result.
  3. Painter can not only use colors and masks, but also paint entire substances (.sbsar). Not only does that allow you to paint multiple properties at once, but you can change the substance/material you painted in substance designer.
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Are you asking me personally (as in would I buy it)? Or are you asking wether I think the price is fair?

Just asking . BTW are u a frequent user ?

I can create game assets 100 times faster in substance than in blender, that justifies it.

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I’m not using substance painter. I don’t do that much texture painting, but I have looked into painter just out of curiosity.

So what u are saying is I can easily combine end number of textures with click of a button and can manually just apply it on the models . hmmm need to do more research :grin::grin::grin:

There is absolutely no connection between these two programs in terms of user’s experience. I’m a Substance Painter user for some time now, but I’ve also worked with complex Blender texturing too, so I’m familiar with the differences. SP is the absolute standard CGI application for texturing. Theoretically, you could mimic most of SP actions with Blender workflows, but most of them would require huge amount of time to complete, while in SP the same actions are a matter of a couple mouse clicks. It’s its Photoshop-like complex Layer system and the highly sophisticated masking abilities that make it stand out. Blender doesn’t seem to have the ability to integrate such a complex layer system at the moment we talk. It would require an enormous amount of time for Blender developers to embed such capabilities inside its code, afaik.


And something else I forgot to mention. There’s a huge difference in one more paramount feature. Texture map generation. SP generates all the desired maps with a few clicks. We all know what a burden it is to successfully generate maps (one at a time) within blender.

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