Substance Software Now Free For Students!

Edit: Complete Rewrite
Note: Again, this time I came prepared ;), The underlined parts are sarcastic.

Oh so there’s no real reason to buy it, you can just get for free. those allegorithmic fools :evilgrin: Well, it’s only for students, as in University students, and no, no you can’t pose as a student and get the software for free, you weirdo. Because you have to send them an email and state your university and… a copy of your student card. It’s not like Autodesk’s old system where you just stated that you were a student and off you were to download your copy of 3ds max 2011.

Yeah it’s free, for non-commercial use and it lasts for about 1 year(Thank you myclay!). So fear not, it’s not free forever nor should it be, you don’t want Allegorithimic to isolate the paying customers

Whatever man blender’s texture painting is better than substance painter anyway
…ok… You know you are lying I mean, come on, that’s a really really dumb statement to make, Substance Painter was built from the ground up to do game asset texture painting. It’s common sense, Substance painter is better.

Well blender has procedural texturing too, so there’s no need for substance designer
Look… It might sound like I’m knocking blender but I’m not, blender is great. But I’d knock it whether it was max,maya or modo, it’s still a swiss army knife(that’s really really good at modelling ) but is still inferior to the specialized combat knife when it comes to the specialization of said combat knife.

So what do you guys think?

I think it’s great news, the more free stuff for the free people the merrier I think :slight_smile: .

students get a 1 year licence… so no big loss for you.


If you’re a student you can probably renew the subscription every year if you’re still a student (not graduating). You still can’t use it for commercial work though.

I quote: “You are entitled to a free personal license, valid one year (renewable), for use at home or on a personal machine.” So yes, renewable subscription as Cyaoeu suggested. I’m so glad I came back to find this, because I know a bunch of college students will love this! While Blender’s procedural textures are alright, they don’t have a 1to1 workflow with popular game engines like Unity. Until there’s a way to bake out a texture at a given node input, Unity users will be better off incorporating Substance into their workflow.

@ Dreaming381

Until there’s a way to bake out a texture at a given node input
I suppose this can be automated all over the Scene materials provided you name Output nodes to reflect ObjectID and img function using python’s ‘for img in …’ snippet.

Ok! That’s awesome! Though I’m not sure if I fully understand it. I’m assuming you just select the output node you want before baking (since the viewport changes). What I’m not sure about is how this technique would apply to creating normal maps or AO maps. It’s probably right in my face, but whatever. I don’t have time to find it right now, but I know there was template node setup that recreated Unity’s PBR shading algorithms pretty accurately. Being able to bake things out correctly would make that tool much more useful. If I understood any python, I’d maybe write a script to export the procedural texture nodes into a Unity surface shader. Then Blender would have the same core functionality as Substance.

Thanks again for the example!